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Test Stands

Aviation Technology's Avitech® Off-The-Shelf and Customized Test Stands are available for acceptance, functional and post-overhaul testing of the hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, or fuel-related components utilized on aircraft and engines. Portable Carts are available for servicing and testing aircraft hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic, cabin pressure, and oxygen systems either in the hangar or on the flight line.. Our small, compact Pneumatic Testers, Hose Testers, and Portable Flowmeters are easily carried by hand and can be used in small, cramped spaces.


The Avitech® Test Control & Acquisition Module (TCAM), is Aviation Technology’s current generation of test control and data acquisition system

TCAM’s user friendly technology allows the operator to implement the test procedures in Automatic Mode (performs all testing and reporting in a pre-established sequence), Semi-Automatic Mode (operator selected test sequences), and/or manual mode (the operator controls each of the test parameters).


The specially developed Avitech® Product Line includes a range of “Aircraft Accurate” Digital Instrumentation that has been used in the most sophisticated Test Equipment, and Calibration Labs throughout the world. Versatile enough for R&D projects, yet economically priced for OEM applications, you can choose from our extensive line of Indicators for Flow, Pressure, Rate/Totalizer, Strain Gauge, Volts, Amps, Watts…. or any other upgrade application, to your existing Test Equipment.


The Avitech® portable or stationary Calibration Equipment includes: Turbine Flowmeter Standards, Pressure Transducer/Transmitter Standards, Analog Pressure Standards, Temperature Transmitter Standards, and Temperature Simulation Baths..