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The Avitech® TCAM is a PC based Test Control and Acquisition Module, comprised of an Industrial Style Rack Mount fully integrated computer system with the latest Intel® Pentium Processor (up to 2.4 GHz), up to 516 MB SDRAM, a 3.5 inch floppy drive, a 20GB hard drive, Intel® Pro 100+ PCI Ethernet Network Card, 56K V92 PCI 95/98/NT4/W2K/XP Modem, an Industrial Style Rack Mount 17" SVGA Touch screen color monitor, a full function QWERTY keyboard, a touch Pad, and a CD-RW drive. The system is offered with Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT operating environment and the National Instrument LabView program for data acquisition and operator interface. Optional Laser Printers are available.

The Avitech® TCAM was developed in 1998 utilizing National Instrument LabView, a proven and reliable software package, which enables Engineers and scientists around the world to rapidly create measurement and control applications. LabView's easy-to-use graphical development environment allows to develop and upgrade highly sophisticated operator interfaces. Avitech® supplies the Operator interface, the Calibration Module and displays necessary to fully Control, Calibrate and operate the subject Test Equipment, the Test Executive Software allows the end user to upgrade and/or modify the Test Sequences, if required.

The Avitech® TCAM is available in a mobile Stainless Steel Cabinet, Air Purged to meet class I group D Explosion proof requirement, or Integrated in any of our Test Stand.


The Avitech® TCAM system also contains a National Instruments High Speed DAQ interface for I/O’s and Avitech® specially developed Flow and Pressure signal conditioner boards. The computer I/O is a National Instruments standard I/O card for analog input/output and digital input/output. Other Avitech® designed cards provide control for LVDTs, RVDTs, Servo Valves (Solenoid drivers), Torque Motors, and Resolvers.

For Detailed information regarding Avitech® TCAM Software Applications,
please contact our Sales Department, Sales@avitechusa.com