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refurbishment moderiztion and upgrade calibration



Aviation Technology, Inc. provides services to upgrade outdated existing Test Equipment with state-of-the-art Instrumentation, Accessories, and Electronic Controls. Typical Avitech® upgrades include addition of new adapters, tooling, and fixtures for Testing existing and/or additional Components on the Test Equipment; upgrading Glass Tube Flow Meters and/or Analog Gauges with Digital Indicators; installation of intelligent Flow Meters or Pressure Transducers; or the integration of Electronic Modules to provide Computerized Automation, Semi-Automation, Manual Control, or Data Acquisition to an existing Test Stand. Avitech® upgrades have included existing Test Stands in Military Maintenance Depots and International Airline Accessory Shops.

For information regarding Modernization & Upgrades, or any Avitech® Technical Services,
please contact our Sales Department, Sales@avitechusa.com