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Aviation Technology, Inc. provides Services to restore existing Test Equipment to like-new condition, restoring it to its original level of performance. Typical refurbishments include replacement of all life-limited components; replacement or overhaul of malfunctioning or under-performing components; repair of damaged, worn or corroded surfaces; refinishing; and complete acceptance quality testing, prior to returning the Equipment to the Customer.

Some Avitech® refurbishments include Hydraulic Power Supplies for a major Helicopter Manufacturer; Main Fuel Control, Afterburner Pump and Control, and Fuel Manifold Test Stands for the U.S. Air Force; Pump/Motor and Accessories Hydraulic Test Stand for a major European Airline; and a Hydro Mechanical Actuator Test Stand for a Helicopter Component Manufacturer.

In order to maintain the Avitech® High Quality Standards, unlike other Companies offering Refurbishment Services, we use FACTORY NEW COMPONENTS, NOT used or refurbished parts. Avitech®'s High Quality Standards do not allow the use of sub-optimal replacement parts to refurbish an older Test Stand to its optimal running condition. Avitech® Customers can ensure reliable, long-term Test Stand operations by selecting Avitech® Refurbishment Services.

For information regarding Refurbishment of a particular Test Stand, or any Avitech® Technical Services,
please contact our Sales Department, Sales@avitechusa.com